Abhaneri Tour – The city of brightness

Tour Details

Duration : 8 - 10 hours

Destinations: Jaipur - Abhaneri

Cost: 1500rp per person/ 4000 for a private tour. Advanced booking preferred

After a breakfast drive to the village of Abhaneri, you will spend the day exploring history and ancient ruins that date back to the 8th century. Abhaneri is famous for the incredible ‘Chand Baori' stepwell and Harshat Mata Temple. Abhaneri was originally named Abha Nagri, meaning the city of brightness, but over time the name has been shortened.

The city of brightness, now in ruins attracts tourists from across the globe due to its stunning examples of ancient architecture.

Chand Baori, is one of the oldest, deepest and largest baoris (stepwells) in Rajasthan. The oldest parts of the structure date back to the 8th century, with significant additions added in the 18th century. The stepwell consists of three flight of stairs descending into the earth 13 stories and a well at the bottom.

The famous Harshat Mata temple is also within the village of Abhaneri. It is a ritual to wash your hands and feet at Chand Baori before visiting the temple, dedicated to Harshat Mata, the goddess of joy and happiness. Although destroyed by Islamic invaders in the 10th Century, the remains of the temple still boast architectural and sculptural styles of 10th Century India.

This tour can also be combined with our tour to Bhangarh for those also interested in myths legends and ghost stories.

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